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Confusion to Understanding



After years of working with clients (one to one) and with groups I realised that not everyone needs the same approach.

One of the reasons I love Neuro Lingusitic Programming (NLP) is that flexibility as a practitioner is a pillar of the training we recieve.

In fact when I train people in NLP, flexibility is one of the most important beliefs I instill. 

Yet despite all the flexibility there are still some people who need something different.

This is why I decided to bring together experts from different disciplines to talk about their approach to work. 

Why Confusion to Understanding?


Many people ask why I would promote other peoples work.

I believe that there is plenty of work for everyone. Scarcity is a construct of marketing.

I like to keep it simple!

I want to share the freedom and fulfillment of having a growth mindset with as many people as possible.

 Of course I want to work with you but I'm not so arrogant as to assume that I can or that everyone want s to work with me.

Therefore, inviting others to share their work with you, is to me a gift.

A gift that I receive and a gift I give to you. 

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Meet The Team

Karen Molan is an NLP Practitioner and a licensed trainer with the Society of NLP 

She believes that everyone deserves a great life and that having the skills to handle what life throws at you is the key to success.

Karens' Private practice attracts clients not just from Ireland but from all over the world. 

Her Succeed Course is renowned for the life changing affects it has given to participants. 

Karen Molan